What is a Moosedog?

A Moosedog is a beefcake bulldog, boxer, pitbull mix. Some might refer to a Moosedog as a meatball, wrecking ball, or pork chop dog, but Ma says I'm a doodlebug.

How do you stay so beefy, Moosedog?

I never turn down a meal and have yet to meet a cookie I do not love. Whenever possible, I steal the cat brother's food for added protein to help build strong mooscles.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

I am an equal opportunity cookie monster, but Ma will only let me have grain free cookies because she says I step on too many ducks when I have grain cookies. I don't know what she's talking about. I haven't seen any ducks in the house yet. I have noticed I fart a lot when I eat grain though. My very favorite cookies are the ones my friends bake for me!

What was your life like before Ma and StopThat?

I don't remember, but Ma found some video of me living under an overpass in the south and I was definitely scared and lonely because I was barking the whole time, and I'm not much of a barker. Ma and StopThat think my last person loved me very much because I am an excellent snuggler, unwaveringly loyal, and anytime someone falls down I try to help them back up. I'm scared of weird things, like spoons, dishtowels, and most men (at first), and I always try to get in the trunk of the car, so I probably have some interesting stories to tell if only I could remember.